Fluid Analysis

I can hear you asking, ‘What is a Fluid Analysis?” and “Why do I need them?”

Fluid analysis is a blood test for your RV, tow vehicle, towed vehicle (toad) or generator. We draw a small sample of the engine/generator oil, transmission fluid or engine/generator coolant. Send it off to an ISO 17025A certified lab and within 5-7 days you receive a report detailing the findings.

Why should I get a Fluid Analysis Done?

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Fluid Analysis saves you money by early detection of problems that could result in a breakdown and an expensive tow.
  2. They make maintenance more effective but letting you and your technician know may need attention.
  3. The results let you know if you can safely extend your oil change intervals. Some Class A owners are already running up to 25,000 miles between engine oil changes!
  4. It gives you Peace of Mind knowing your RV and towing vehicles stay as reliable and “worry free” as possible.

As full-time RVers, we understand why you love being on the road, visiting new places and meeting friends, new and old, who love the RVing lifestyle. We appreciate how hard you work at maintaining your RVs and vehicles so that they are ready to go when you are ready for your next adventure.

Your RV or tow vehicle is a major investment, don’t take unnecessary risks with them. This can be thought of as “health care” for your vehicles. Use the proven science of Oil Analysis to help you improve maintenance and ensure that your equipment, your oils and your coolants are performing as they should. Maintain your RV and Tow Vehicle equipment so you keep it as reliable and “worry-free” as possible. It’s so easy to do and pays for itself many times over through safely extended engine, transmission and generator change intervals.

If you want to read a more technical explanation of why you should consider fluid analysis for your vehicles, our good friends and partners over at JG Lubricants have written an excellent article, “Why Should I Consider Oil Analysis.”

Sample TypeSample Frequency
Motorhomes, All Classes
Engine OilAt Every Scheduled Oil Change
Transmission FluidAnnually (at the start of the travel season)
Engine CoolantAnnually (at the start of the travel season)
Trailer Tow Vehicle and Towed Vehicles (Toads)
Engine OilAt every scheduled oil change
Transmission FluidAnnually (at the start of the travel season)
Engine CoolantAnnually (at the start of the travel season)
Generators, Built-In and Portable
Generator OilAt every scheduled oil change
Generator Coolant, if equippedAnnually (at the start of the travel season)

How Much does it cost?

Multiple factors come into play when determining the cost of Fluid Analyses. Some of the factors that help determine the pricing are the number of analyses being done, whether it is being done as part of an inspection or stand-alone, where the unit will be located when we draw the samples, if “rush” sampling is required, etc.

If you are ready to improve your vehicle’s reliability, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll begin a regular sampling program today!