RV Walkthroughs

You’ve just gotten your new or new-to-you RV. Your seller told you how to use the various components in your RV. With all the excitement of picking up your new RV, you’ve forgotten most of what they told you. Now what?

Let us help you. We will perform a walkthrough with you showing you how to get the most out of your RV, at a speed that lets YOU learn and ask questions.

What will be covered during your walk through?

We will cover topics such as:

  • Campsite hookups
  • Leveling System
  • Slide outs
  • Propane System
  • Electrical Systems. Yes, systems. There are 3 separate electrical systems on your RV!
  • Fresh Water System
  • Waste water systems
  • Appliances
  • And More

The walkthrough can be as short or as long as you need to understand your RV. We can even break it up into several sessions to allow you to fully understand and remember how all the systems work in your RV.

Since all RVs and learners are different, we will customize the walkthrough to your needs. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

If you are a woman and would feel more comfortable being taught how to use your RV by another woman, we can do that as well! Just let us know and we’ll make it happen for you.